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Episode 34

Rogue One & 2016 Movie Review

SPOILER ALERT! We talk the happenings of Rogue One from start to finish and potentially as well as the movies listed below. You are WARNED.
00:02:00- Rogue One
00:25:30- Brief talk about Scientology
00:27:40- Back to Rogue One ;)
00:40:40- 2016 Movies
00:41:16- ‘Want To See’ Movies
00:47:15- Surprise Movies
00:51:35 Most Disappointing Movies
00:57:52- Worst Movies
01:03:01- Best Of Movies
01:08:25- Scott’s List of Movies he saw
01:11:35- Want to see Movies of 2017
01:18:00- Closing time
01:18:53- Bob Barker
01:18:58- After Credits

Episode 33

00:36 Start
01:14 Justice League cartoon announcement
05:25 Arrow image release of future Ollie
07:12 Thor 3 to focus on… Comedy?
10:45 Flash/Supergirl crossover
11:51 Adam West on the Big Bang Theory
13:45 Mattel/Hasbro merger… not a big deal anymore?
17:35 Olivia Munn/Psylocke photos, X-Men: Apocalypse talk
21:41 Batman V. Superman Superbowl Commercials
24:30 Antman/Hulk Superbowl commercial
25:38 Supergirl/Flash mashed up logo
26:20 Wolverine 3 R rated?
30:40 Deadpool
01:11:03 Super Hero costumes of the cinematic future
01:19:04 Billy Madison intermission
01:28:04 TWD
Week in Shows
01:30:52 Vikings, Vince’s pick
01:32:01 X-Files Season 10, Scott’s pick
01:36:00 X-Men Documentary from youtuber Comicbookgirl19, Vince’s pick
01:37:50 Closing time
01:39:20 Bob Barker
01:39:29 After credits
Twitter/Instragram: @Scottlost, @Thr3tlvlmidnite (T)/@Thretlvlmidnite (IG), @VinnySharp (T)


Rogue One Trailer

The Boomcast gives our reactions and theories to the Rogue One trailer!

00:19 Start
16:35 After Credits 
 Twitter/Instragram: @Scottlost, @Thr3tlvlmidnite (T)/@Thretlvlmidnite (IG), @VinnySharp (T)

Boomcast Episode 32

Dawn of the Justice League (Preview Special)

Spoiler Alert! We’re gonna talk about what happened in this special as well as any of the content below. ENJOY!
00:35 Star Wars Episode VIII pushed back to December
04:03 Deadpool petition for PG-13 was forreal
05:35 Vince watches Deadpool’s message to Australia
07:39 Suicide Squad trailer
16:26 Dawn of Justice Special
TV Show Catch up
35:40 Flash, Mid-Season premiere
41:32 Arrow, Mid-Season premiere
48:26 Agent Carter, Season 2 premiere
Week in Shows
51:10 Casual, Vince’s pick
52:40 Mr. Robot, Nick’s pick
Read this ISH
54:15 Ms. Marvel, Scott’s pick
56:17 Closing time
58:06 Bob Barker
58:13 After Credits

Boomcast Episode 31

Creed and Jessica Jones
00:12 Start hot with power rangers killing people
04:18 Deadpool ads
05:30 Scott Snyder released new trailer
06:09 The Coolio Cut
07:24 A highly emotional movie that got Scott in tears a few times, and Nick almost got there. The guys discuss their Rocky rankings and the future of the franchise.
18.38: Star Wars interlude
Jessica Jones
34:48 The Boomcast is all in agreement, everyone loves Jessica Jones more than DareDevil. Nick and Vince were very sure, where Scott had to think about it more.
Buy the graphic novel!
Week in Shows
01:08:55 Masters of None, Vince
01:09:35 Southpark, Scott
01:10:14 Closing time
01:12:05 Bob Barker
01:12:11 After credit



Boomcast Episode 30

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

SPOILERS! We talk about EVERYTHING that happens in this movie!!!
01:00 Start
Here’s the news
01:25 Dr. Strange movie photos
03:17 Deadpool trailer #2 (slight intermission while vince watches)
06:12 X-Men: Apocalypse trailer
Star Wars: VII The Force Awakens
10:45 We all loved the movie, Nick got it spoiled hours before he went to go see it, and we can’t wait for more. Who is Rey’s parents, did we all see the Han thing coming, and what’s next? Nick was very happy to see Nien Nub, Scott was happy Han and Leia didn’t kiss because old people kissing is gross, and Vince was just happy overall, but he wouldn’t make it his movie of the year.
01:27:57 Bob Barker
01:28:04 After Credits
 Twitter/Instragram: @Scottlost, @Thr3tlvlmidnite (T)/@Thretlvlmidnite (IG), @VinnySharp (T)

Boomcast MINI (Here’s the News) Ep. 1

Trailers, Netflix shows, & Daryl got bit… by a fan!
01:13 Iron Fist show confirmed
02:54 Daryl was bit!
05:35 Hateful Eight
12:54 TMNT 2
19:04 Captain America: Civil War
22:35 Star Wars
23:35 Superman V. Batman
31:20 Vince watches the S v. B tease trailer
43:45 Star Wars: Machete cut
47:00 Comments on Interview with George Lucas
48:53 Closing time
50:00 After credit
Twitter/Instragram: @Scottlost, @Thr3tlvlmidnite (T)/@Thretlvlmidnite (IG), @VinnySharp (T)

Boomcast Ep. 29

The Walking Dead S06 E01
01:30 Vince rants about Teen Titans GO again, then Cartoon Network
06:59 Scott talks comics
Comic & TV News
09:05 Legion and Hellfire Club TV shows announced, the guys talk other X-Titles we’d like to see as shows instead
12:55 Avengers comic talk, Deadpool and Miles Morales
15:14 FF/Fox/MCU Rumor, X-Movies and will Fox will never give FF back to MCU?
19:20 Mark Ruffalo in Thor 3
19:35 Avengers: AOU a stinker?
22:15 Flash movie costume tech-based, Arrow-verse talk
25:08 Greg Capullo taking a break from Batman
The Walking Dead
26:39 A movie-like episode to start off the season that everyone loved! Mark from Empire Records was a great character to kill off, now the crew is waiting for Nickolas to die. Nick doesn’t like Deanna. He’s right. She’s awful. Gabriel is gonna die in a big way. The differences between the show and the comics, they’re their own thing. Daryll is a sympathetic redneck.
46:24 Brief Intermission: Michael Pena narrates Ant-Man trailer!
48:05 Back to our regularly scheduled program. Eugene is the worst gatekeeper ever. Heath looks very close to Michone and its creepy. Who is holding down the horn? Insights from the Talking Dead.
TV Show Catchup
59:50 Agents of SHIELD, S02 E01-02
01:04:20 Flash, S02 E01-02
01:15:45 Arrow, S04 E01
Week in Shows
01:24:08 Star Wars Rebels S02 (Vince)
01:25:55 Quantico (Scott)
01:26:30 Be Cool, Scooby Doo/New Scooby Doo (Vince) and Wabbit/New Bugs Bunny cartoon.
01:30:10 Closing time
013304 Bob
01:33:14 After Credits

 Twitter/Instragram: @Scottlost, @Thr3tlvlmidnite (T)/@Thretlvlmidnite (IG), @VinnySharp (T)

Boomcast Ep. 28

Muppets S01 E01, Gotham S02 E01
00:30 Start
01:18 Vince got bit by a dog… we won’t say where.
06:50 Scott and Nick talk booze; Vince is 5 drinks in.
07:45 Vince’s dad story
11:30 Scott warns Vince on the dangers of Malibu sneaking up on him. He didn’t listen.
Here’s the News!
11:40 Monster Movie talk: Godzilla/King Kong movie, Pacific Rim pushed back
17:10 Ant-Man & Wasp movie announced
18:30 New Justice League cartoon! Vince doesn’t like Teen Titans Go…
23:20 New Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny cartoons released
24:26 Power Ranger casting release
27:30 Captain Marvel and Black Panther pushed back
30:10 Disney/Pixar announces ‘The Good Dinosaur’, Cars 3, Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2, Coco, and Mowana
The Muppets
33:36 Is this not your parents Muppets? The controversy! Sexy talk from Kermit is taboo. Kermit is too good for Miss Piggy.
40:25 Vince rants about Z-Nation
43:15 Vince gives Gotham another try and he likes it, he really likes it! Random talk of Al Bundy takes place while Vince slips further down the Malibu hole.
01:07:10 Brief Flash talk, no spoilers
01:08:43 Brief Arrow talk, no spoilers
01:10:45 Avengers: AOU Blu-Ray release
01:13:13 Air Wolf
01:13:20 Back to MCU talk
Week in Shows
01:17:45 Another Period (Nick)
01:18:53 We Bare Bears (Vince)
01:20:21 Elementary (Scott)
01:25:50 The 2nd Shift Kickstarter talk
Read this ISH!
01:30:45 Tokyo Ghost By Rick Remender and Sean Murphy (Scott)
01:32:19 Closing time
013413 Bob Barker
01:34:21 After credits
 Twitter/Instragram: @Scottlost, @Thr3tlvlmidnite (T)/@Thretlvlmidnite (IG), @VinnySharp (T),

Boomcast Ep. 27

00:15 Stephen Amell in WWE! We talk wrestling for awhile…
12:10 Constantine on Arrow
16:10 Civil War photo leaks
17:47 Ant-Man
20:50 Fantastic Four
24:45 X-Men
26:27 Does the World know the difference between Fox, Sony, and MCU movies?
29:20 FF
36:30 It was fun! Vince thought Michael Douglas was meant to look funny, Nick and Scott did not. Scott didn’t like the changing back of the actor playing Howard Stark. Scott and Vince really liked the bathtub scene, plus the ants and Thomas the Train. Nick loved the Falcon fight scene! Michael Pena stole the movie. Vince really enjoyed the CGI of the movie. Scott thought the chemistry between Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly was really strong.
57:08 Upcoming movies
59:40 Sony talk, Spider-Man nod in Ant-Man
01:01:12 Avengers: Age of Ultron, Vince was disappointed.
01:01:48 X-Men: First Class or Days of Future Past?
01:07:00 Olivia Munn released some Footage of her doing Martial Arts
01:09:35 Ivan Ooze edited?
01:11:43 Ant-Man, How did Darren Cross know how to use the suit? Scott was really bothered by this. The guys wish they kept some stuff off the trailer so we all could have been surprised in the theatre. The Boomcast gives it the Marvel grade of a B to B-
01:16:20 The Fellas rate the MCU Movies
Week in Shows
01:22:10 Dollhouse, Vince is enjoying Joss Whedon’s latest show that was canceled.
01:26:23 Scrotal Recall, Scott couldn’t sleep and decided to watch it based off the name alone.
Read this ISH!
01:28:01 Nonplayer #2, by Nathan Simpson. Scott really loves this book.
01:33:20 Kickstarter for The 2nd Shift!
01:35:51 Southpaw
01:39:47 Bob Barker
01:39:54 After Credits

Boomcast Ep. 26

Mad Max & SDCC Recap 

01:54 Lego director to direct a solo Han Solo movie
09:42 Marissa Tomei to play Aunt May
15:58 Arrow season 4 casting/News
21:43 Michael Chiklis in Gotham Season 2
23:05 X-Men/FF movie crossover?
31:11 Suicide Squad
32:15 Deadpool
35:30 Suicide Squad (Take 2)
42:20 Superman V. Batman
SDCC Recap
58:15 Animated Killing Joke
59:17 Star Wars: Behind the Scenes
Mad Max: Fury Road
01:02:00 We actually start off by talking about Jurassic World and Jurassic Park 3. Sorry.
01:04:10 Excellent stunt work, casting, and sticking with the theme of Mad Max. A lot of brutal/graphic scenes in the movie, but to the liking of the crew.
01:18:25 Read This ISH: The Life After, by Joshua Hailfaikov and Gabo,
Week in Shows
01:21:20 Vince is watching TMNT still and just started Scandal. He loves it.
01:22:12 Nick is watching 7 days in Hell. A fake sports documentary on a tennis game that lasts 7 days.
01:22:44 Scott is watching a show recommended by Ian called, The Strain.
01:24:38 That’s a wrap
01:27:47 Bob Barker
01:27:58 End Credits


Boomcast Ep. 25

Jurassic World
Movie/Comic News
01:00 Spiderman casting news
04:20 Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner splitting up
05:50 Wolverine3: Old Man Logan
14:11 Hitgirl Prequel
18:17 Olivia Munn posted some footage training for Psylocke
20:35 Spiderman/MCU talk
22:55 Civil War teaser trailer
23:47 Michael B. Jordan P. Diddy beef
27:19 Creed
Jurassic World
29:25 The crew talks the originals first, questions the CGI from 2 and 3, and likes that they used some anamatronics for World. The trailers showing too much? Scott didn’t like that you saw the helicopter go down in the trailer and knew the millionaire was dead because of it. Vince was excited to see the T-Rex and did not like how he was jobbed out in 3. Scott didn’t like the kids laughing at barely escaping the indominous rex. This isn’t a laughing matter. Randomly, we start talking Avengers and MCU directors.
01:12:00 Shane from the walking dead studying up to play Punisher
01:14:26 Vince’s take on GOT
01:27:20 Closing notes
01:28:55 Bob Barker
01:29:06 After credits


Boomcast Ep. 24

Game of Thrones, Season 5

Spoiler Alert! We’re gonna talk about everything listed below in depth!
Comic News
01:05 Suicide Squad, is it overexposed? Scott is worried about Killer Croc.
04:29 Aquaman in Suicide Squad?
07:59 DareDevil show runner is attached to a live action Akira movie
10:10 TWD’s Shane is cast as Punisher in DareDevil
Game of Thrones, Season 5
11:52 This season got off to a slow start for the crew, felt short, but picked up as it went on. Scott’s more interested in Khaleesi’s storyline this season compared to other seasons, even though she seems to be easily manipulated. Nick was happy young Lionel Richie died. There are some mixed feelings on Aria’s storyline. Ian hates Thoman. Nick is more sympathetic to him since he’s just a kid and a lady is boning him. Vince had sympathy (via text) towards Cersei, while the rest of the gang didn’t feel bad for her at all. She’s a terrible person. The gang also enjoyed the random cussing and flashing as she did her walk of shame. That nun is screwed when Cersei gets her revenge. The gang wanted someone to dress up as the Shame nun at comic con with the Christian group. Terrian has a sweet beard, drinks wine, and throws up. Also throws poop out the crate holes. What are the rules of the Stone men? It’s like the herps we guess? We all love Bron.
30:29 Hypnotits. Sherilyn gets racist while talking about Sam’s baby and Gilly. Ramsies is in the running for more F***** up than Geoffrey. Making Reek watch and he deflowered Saunsa was so brutal to some fans that they refuse to watch the show. The gang think its people are being picky/choosey about the rapes they find acceptable. Rape is rape people! Nick felt burning your child on the stake was way worse. No young Stark kids this season. Hodor. Aria’s storyline was really drawn out. Nick wishes Dragon rape upon everyone. Khaleesi left her medieval secretary to ride a dragon, but she kinda gets hers because she’s surrounded by Dothraki at the end. Scott hopes she doesn’t get boned down on a rock again. On a brighter note, the gang wants Scott to watch the GOT Musical. Was there a budget cut on the white walkers or has their hoard always been zombies? Sherilyn would cut down some kids!
51:45 Pitch Perfect 2 breakdown since the Wildling lady was in it as a Russian singer. We all knew she was dead when she put her kids in the boat and said “I’ll be right behind you.” Dead. Oh John Snow. It was kind of strange that he brought them there to help fight against the White Walkers, but then didn’t want to ask them to help fight. What? Come on, John. That kid killed John’s lady, then killed him. He ruined John Snow’s life! We’re all pretty sure John is still alive. Melisandra just showed up and she loves to do blood magic. Coincidence? We think not! Scott thought there was too much build up with the White Walker leader for him to be dead. Doesn’t make sense. Sam wants some finger smelling to go on. Ian tells theories. The finale was a nonstop episode, which Scott loved. It helped balance all the slow junk in the beginning of the season. Reek threw that crazy b**** off the balcony. His reaction was great. Breean of Tarth is gonna be in Star Wars! Nick forgives Jamie for crippling a child.
Week in Shows
01:08:57 Food Wars, recommended by Sherilyn. It’s an anime on a kid who goes to Culinary school.
01:09:50 Adventure Time, recommended by Nick. It rides the line between kid and grown up humor. They’re 11 min stories, 2 per half hour show.
01:14:55 Fresh Off the Boat, recommended by Scott. The gang is worried it’ll get canceled now. Scott luck. It’s asian ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ is the best way to describe it.
Read this ISH!
01:18:35 Secret Wars by Jonathan Hickman and Isaad Ribbick. Scott loves the art and was initially confused by the story, but it clears up and he loves it.
01:20:05 Gem & the Holograms! Sherilyn likes it as its staying close to the cartoon.
01:22:15 Bob Barker
01:22:23 After Credits
Scott- Twitter/IG: @ScottLost
Nick- Twitter: @Thr3tlvlmidnite, IG: @Thretlvlmidnite
Ian- Twitter: @IEncabo, IG: @IanEncabo
Sherilyn- Twitter/IG: @ArtBySherilyn

Boomcast Ep. 23

Avengers: Age of Ultron
TV & Comic News
01:45 DareDevil & iZombie renewed for Season 2
03:08 John Wick 2
04:35 Bruce Timm reacts to Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad
09:36 Vince rewatched the Superman V. Batman Trailer and admits it looks good
11:50 Joker photo… a hoax?
15:15 Supergirl season 1
16:09 Constantine canceled
17:48 The Following canceled
19:10 McMavoy goes ‘full Xavier’
20:28 Hugh Jackman lasts Wolverine role
22:10 Writers of ‘Winter Soldier’ will write Infinity War
Avengers: Age of Ultron
23:10 All the guys watched in different types of theater experiences, then talk about Captain EO
27:00 Trailers: Jurassic World, Pixels, Superman V. Batman
29:37 JarJar edited fan trailer
32:40 Avengers: AOU FINALLY! Mixed feelings by the guys. Lots of pros and cons: Jokey Ultron, Formulaic plot, same tropes and scenarios as the first movie, but the cast still loved it. Great intro and action sequences throughout the movie. Tag moves! Vince loved Vision until Scott mentioned the actor was sh**ing on the films previously. The fellas loved Scarlett Witch and QuickSilver. Scott was super bummed QuickSilver died. Joss Whedon is a sexist? People are nuts! We really go off on this subject so expect the rants to go on for awhile. The Boomcast would like you to go out and find someone to love you if you have a problem with love stories.
01:16:30 Charlie Cox has signed on for a movie deal
Hilarious scenes with Rhoadie/War Machine, but was he too much of a punchline? Scott wanted more Falcon.
01:19:00 Shoutouts!
01:28:00 Agent Carter season 2, Agents of SHIELD season 3
Week in Shows
01:29:10 Arrow- Vince finally started watching!
01:35:10 Resurrection- Scott just started watching it, but gets some bad news on this podcast.
01:39:30 NBA Playoffs- Nick is watching a lot of basketball. Scott has a story about a Bulls game and a Chargers/Raiders game.
01:43:45 Vince wants to do a rap podcast
Read this ISH!
01:44:20 Thor: God of Thunder! Nick is late to the dance, but just started T:GOT and is loving it.
01:45:00 Wrapping it with a little bit of MadMax talk
01:47:09 Bob Barker
01:47:47 After Credits


Boomcast Ep. 22

MadMax Trilogy
00:30 Start
(Extended) Trailer Talk
01:03 Ex Machina  (Kinda… we get distracted. Don’t worry, we come back to it)
04:13 Jurassic World
08:28 Randomly started talking about ‘No Good Deed’ starring Idris Elba
11:37 Ex Machina
14:01 Ant-Man
21:30 Fantastic Four
TV & Movie News
33:42 Tyler Perry’s Baxter Stockman
42:45 Constantine Season 1 streaming
45:46 DareDevil Season 2 announced
49:00 Scott thought there was a lot of questionable acting and Vince was protective. Saxophone. Scott didn’t know why Max would always leave his wife and child in danger, plus the kid was left alone. A lot. RIP Goose. Nick was traumatized by the wife and child being ran over.
Road Warrior
01:07:15 Scott likes that they carry over the injuries from the previous movie. Vince notes how many wrestlers were influenced by the MadMax movies over the years. Higher budget for this movie and it destroyed in the box office in returns. Vince is terrified of snakes and Scott is terrified of swings. Nick brings up Carnival swings and it triggers memories for the gang. Ish gets real. Boomerang kid!
Beyond the Thunderdome
01:24:58 Nick <3’s this movie! Vince and Scott actually like the first half of the movie, but Nick didn’t have fun at all. Return of the Jedi/Cantina meets Peter Pan meets Goonies, according to Scott. Master-Blaster! There is a Master-Blaster type character in the new Mortal Combat game and they’re fun to use. Why didn’t Hornswaggle and Shamus do this gimmick? Vince and Nick start talking wrestling for a bit. Scott wanted to cut MadMax’s hair and wondered why one of the bad guys decided to get in a train track seasaw instead of a car. Vince is coining TINOs.
Week in Shows
01:39:45 Deadbeat (Hulu Exclusive)
01:42:50 Flash
Read this ISH!
01:43:20 Deadpool! Vince wants to start reading Deadpool, so Nick recommends certain runs on Deadpool including the current run by Brian Posehn.  
Scott recommends Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender and Jeremy Opena.
01:46:30 Closing time
01:48:36 Bob Barker
01:48:45 After Credits

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Boomcast Ep. 21

Game of Thrones S05 E01

Comic Book News & Trailers
00:44 Wonder Woman director change
02:11 Justice League: Gods and Monsters
05:24 Star Wars: E7 Trailer
20:35 Snowpiercer segway
21:37 Batman V. Superman Trailer
27:15 Marvel Fans V. DC Fans V. Star Wars Fans
Game of Thrones S05 E01
33:35 The Boomcast is mixed on their favorite characters, but they all love the Emp. Vince clued Scott & Nick in on Denarius being the Daughter of the Mad King. They were clueless! The dragons hit puberty, Sansa and Little finger is a creepy situation, great intro with the flashback. Did Jaime want to bone down with his sister next to the body again? We thought so. Are all the unsullied castrated? Tyrion grew a beard, which segways into Willow. We apologize. Scott didn’t understand blue screen and how the Brownies were done for the movie when he was a kid.
55:00 HBO Now and Hulu Plus talk turns into Fast & the Furious movies
DareDevil S01 E03-06
01:00:00 We start it off by talking about Lawman and Steven Segel running. Such a violent death for the red headed killer, and all his own doing. Vince really likes the crime drama element of the show and the guys agree. This show hits all the genres. Debra Ann Woll’s actual BF is blind which makes her more attractive to the crew. Did we get a glimpse of Bullseye?
01:19:57 DC movies up to date talk turns into Michael Bay bashing, which is fine.
01:28:30ish Guardians of the Galaxy talk
01:33:21 Closing time
01:35:10 Bob
01:35:19 After Credits
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Boomcast Ep. 20

DareDevil S01 E01-02
Comic News
01:02 Jared Letto/Killing Joke pose
02:50 Antman/Yellow Jacket and trailer
08:40 Batman V Superman talk
15:10 Star Wars re-release 
DareDevil S01 E01-02
20:35 We all love this show: the cinematography, framing, use of light and lack of light. Everything we want in a super hero show is in this show. Great casting, character development, and writing. Vince loves true Blood.
Week in Shows
49:22 TMNT talk, week 4
49:49 Michael Bay TMNT, Nick liked it. That’s it. Everyone else hated it.
52:00ish We start sh***ing on Transformers
55:24 Weird Loners
58:48 Better Call Saul… Kinda.
59:00 We shoutout people who commented about DD on our FB page!
01:05ish Bob talks Batman vs. Robin and Wondercon
01:08:55 Marvel TV talk
01:11:58 F*** Michael Bay
01:13:30ish Read this ISH(briefly): Red Son(again), Injustice, and Kingdom Come
01:14:30 Convention talk
01:16:00 Mallrats 2
01:16:30 Iron Sheik documentary
01:16:55 Rap it up, B.
01:19:50 Bob Barker
01:19:52 After Credit
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Boomcast Ep. 19

The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale
Comic news
05:07 Deadpool short
12:06 Batman ’66 animated movie
14:49 Killer Croc Actor announced
15:34 Mad Max: Fury Road
TWD Season Finale
23:37 Start… kind of… We start talking about Book of Eli, I am Legend, Butterfly Effect, and Steve Jobs.
28:50 Morgan was a crazy asshole, but isn’t anymore thanks to Rick. Vince and Nick don’t like Carol right now, but Scott thinks she’s great. Sasha is making Zombie snow angels, Zombies get the Dubya and love raves, Rick is gangster, Glenn hasn’t killed one human yet, is this a problem? Purple rain. Fine ocean of s**t,
50:04 Intermission
50:16 Nick is caught up, Michonne missed her Sword, Nick thinks Rick is going governor, Vince’s ADD kicks in and isn’t paying attention. Clean my dish, Fear the Walking dead is announced for the Summer, the Boomcast hopes it takes place in Japan where all the zombies have swords. The gang misses Noah.
(UN)Week in Shows
01:04:48 Redacted The Last Man. It’s taken a turn and Scott now hates it.
01:08:52 New Voltron is terrible says Vince.
01:11:00 Vince still loves Nickelodeon’s TMNT
TV Show Catchup
01:17:43 Flash S01 E16, Rogue Time
01:23:03 Arrow S03 E17, Suicidal Tendencies
01:29:15 Gotham S01 E17, Red Hood
01:31:15 iZombie S01 E03, the Exterminator
01:35:14 Bob Barker
01:35:21 After Credit  
Did you like what you heard? Leave us comments/reviews and follow us on Twitter/Instragram: @Scottlost, @Thr3tlvlmidnite (T)/@Thretlvlmidnite (IG), Vince- (IG) @MonsterHanro, Bob- @NaughtyBobby (T

Boomcast Ep. 18

iZombie S01 E01-02 & TWD S05 E15
00:59 Trailers: Maggie, We go through Arnold’s catalog for some reason
Comic News
05:11 Lex Luthor/Jesse Eisenberg promotional pic released
10:22 Jubilee cast
12:53 Robotech out of Limbo? We start talking 300, Lita, Kane, and Matt Hardy
17:32 Supertroopers 2 crowdfunded!
iZombie S01 E01-02
22:47 Vince is underwhelmed, Liv Moore is a stupid name, episode 1 was good, but episode 2 fell off. Scott thinks it’s a good background show, but not really a main focus of a podcast. Vince wanted to watch the Nickelodeon’s TMNT instead of this show.
The Walking Dead S05 E15
36:11 Waaaay better than iZombie, Sasha is insane, Rick has stubble, Nick doesn’t agree with anything Scott thought was going to happen, Nick hates Carls hat, Glenn’s a badass, Daryl’s the most sane. Whats the W about? People are freakin’ out about Michonne knocking out Rick. Scott finally watched talking dead!
01:01:08 Weird start to the shoutouts…
01:03:08 Mallrats 2 is in the works
Week in Shows
01:04:09 Mindy Project
01:05:03 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
01:06:24 Parenthood, Redacted pick by Vince. Scott does a terrible Ray Raymano impression.
01:10:25 Nickelodeon’s TMNT
01:21:25 Closing time
01:23:07 After Credits
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Boomcast Ep. 17

The Walking Dead, S05 E14
00:30 Trailers: Pixels- starring Adam Sandler and crew. Did they show too much? We basically talk about Adam Sandler for a long while.
08:30 TV News: Grand Theft Auto into a live action show on BBC
11:20 TV News: Heat Wave to Flash/Arrow spin-off show
12:55 Comic News: Batgirl/Joker Killing Joke homage cover pulled
The Walking Dead
24:24 Episode 14- It always comes back to Adam Sandler movies, Noah, The Mayors son in an idiot, the mayors sons friend is a coward, Vince got a spoiler for Breaking Bad from his friend (not on the air), what was Jess’ son doing in the closet? Gabriel is a piece of sh*t,
42:40 Shout out!
TV Show Catchup
53:18 Arrow- Is it too much like Batman? Nick doesn’t like the Lances, Scott knows it’s basically like Batman and he’s ok with it! Scott loves Thea, and is Sarah’s ex trying to go for another Lance? Laurel is gonna get trained! Scott and Nick both loved the Flash/Arrow crossover, Scott especially enjoyed that Diggle was written a little different when he was on Flash. It reminded him of actual comics when characters guest star and the writer doesn’t have a characters voice down completely.
Week in Shows
1:01:00 What movies have we been watching? Vince watched the Michael Bay TMNT movie twice and Scott isn’t happy about it. Scott thinks Michael Bay is a racist.
01:05:38 Vince is watching the new Transformers cartoon
01:08:18 Scott loves the new TMNT cartoon, Vince loves Turtles Forever, Nick loves the Turtles coming out of their shells tour. Scott actually went to that live and Nick had the tape!
Read This ISH!
01:16:05  Peter Panzerfaust from Image comics! Scott is a huge Peter Pan fan, so he’s digging this book.
01:17:30 Vince watched the Phoenix Jones ESPN documentary
01:20:48 Wrap it up, B!
01:21:44 Bob
01:21:50 After Credits

Boomcast Ep. 16


03:20  Age of Ultron extended trailer
06:30 Chappie
07:00 Hulk
08:05 Avengers
09:10 Spider-Man
10:10 Nick’s gonna marathon the MCU movies!
11:57 Ironman 3
13:25 Han Solo crashes the Millennium Falcon and Kirk didn’t make spock’s funeral
16:05 Snowpiercer
19:20 Old Boy talk, Vince’s friend thought Snowpiercer was going to be like the Grey, Taken on a train, What are they doing with the kids!?
36:30 Slippin’ on the Korean banana peel. Why does Edgar have an accent? Why is Octavia so big for someone who doesn’t get a lot of food? Coca-cola bear is going to eat those kids, the entire civilization is dead except for 2 people.
Read this ISH!
53:27 Injustice: Gods among us, recommended by Nick!
Week in Shows
56:05 Orange is the New Black, Ian
60:40 Idiot Abroad, Nick
61:27 The Wire and About a Boy, Vince
62:03 Law & Order: SVU, Scott
63:50 John Mulaney-
64:38 Bob Barker
64:49 Post Credits

Boomcast Episode 15

The Walking Dead S05 E11
Comic News
00:44 Jessica Jones casting
03:55 Daredevil Costume
05:40 Aquaman Teaser image
08:15 Man of Steel discussion
10:45 Flash/Arrow spin-off show
14:14 New Aliens movie
16:18 Power Rangers short film
24:30 Spider Gwen and the LCS
The Walking Dead
27:14 No one died! Last week’s episode was a bummer, but this one was much better. We started talking comic book movies, mutants, and Inhumans somewhere around 35 to 40 min. Lots of people (not us!) were offended by the gay characters and we at the Boomcast do not share their opinions.
Movie Talk
47:00 Avengers poster, Scott was the only person in the World that didn’t know that Vision was the guy with the yellow cape and that the East coast wasn’t where ninjas came from.
49:15 Furious 7
50:00 Mall Cop 2, Mad Max, Ted 2, Poltergeist, IT, Straight Out of Compton,
53:25 Fantastic 4, Vince is really excited about this movie.
55:00 National Lampoon’s Vacation
56:15 Vince loves Michael B. Jordan because Michael B acting!
59:10 Gone Girl
59:30 Lucy
01:00:40 Watchmen
01:06:50 Chris Evans acting career coming to an End
01:08:30 Roughly around here we start talking about Batman movies
01:18:40 DareDevil, Avengers, unknown actors over known?
01:22:00 Michael B. Boxing
01:23:50 Closing time
01:25:40 Bob Barker
01:25:47 Vincent
01:26:00 Booze Song

Boomcast Episode 14,

The Walking Dead S05 E09
00:06 Random comic thoughts
The Walking Dead
02:57 Here. We. Go.
06:02 Lori was an awful mother. Not only was she a terrible mother, but bad casting.
08:20 Diversify your bonds
08:30 Noah is the fastest person on the show, even with a bum leg
08:50 Tyreese is weak
12:50 Nick misses The Governor
16:55 Did Tyreese go out the right way for his character? Debate!
21:40 Glenn gives two s**ts now. He will kill you to keep his lady safe.
27:50 is the second half of the season going to be really dark?
29:38 Question on the cinematography and directing
36:46 Someone did something stupid, the end.
This Week in Shows
39:28 X-Files (Nick)
41:21 Parent Hood (Vince)
42:28 Friends (Vince & Scott)
43:07 Spartacus (Scott)
Read This ISH!
47:12 East of West, Scott fumbles through and tries to explain what this very great comic is about.
53:30 Star Wars, Vince didn’t realize he had a RTI.
55:35 Wrap it up, B!
56:50 Bob Barker
56:59 After Credits

Boomcast Episode 13,

Comic TV and Movie News (Failed Flash attempt)
Comics News!
01:01 Spiderman in the MCU- We talk Spiderman, but drift into Hugh Jackman/X-Men talk
07:00 X-Men recast young- Nick hates Sophie Turner
11:30 Suicide Squad Rumor- Batman to appear? 
12:40 We somehow started talking about Marvel and Spider-Man again… 
15:13 Tyler Perry’s Ultimate Spider-Man
15:50 Ghostbusters All Female cast news
18:45 Randomly talking about the New Karate Kid… I don’t know what happened.
19:48 Flash Episode 12- CG is getting way good, Joe’s hairline starts on the top of his head, Vince realizes he fell asleep watching this episode and thought we were recording on episode 11. This is a hilarious mess. Geezus. 
25:20 Jupiters Ascending- That looks terrible, right?
29:26 DareDevil- We’re all excited! We start crapping on the Daredevil movie also. Seasaw fight. We start talking Arrow and Diggle as Green Lantern
38:32 Fantastic Four- A lot of hate for the old FF movies, but a lot of hope for this new one!
46:00 We shoutout fans talking about the breaking news of Spider-Man being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
47:07 Randomly start talking about Punisher Warzone.
48:53 Read this ISH! Punisher Warzone! Nick doesn’t want to spoil anything
 49:30 Back to the Shoutouts! A lot of Miles Morales love going around.
55:50 Wrap it up, B…
59:01 Bob Barker
59:10 After Credit 

Boomcast Special Edition

Z-Nation, S01 E01

SPOILER WARNING! We spoil the heck out of Z-Nation Episode 1, so if you haven’t watched it go do it before listening to us ramble!!!

Boomcast Episode 12

Agent Carter, S01 E03

SPOILER WARNING! We spoil the heck out of the trailers and Agent Carter, BUT don’t worry, we don’t spoil the shows in ‘This Week in Shows’ or ‘READ THIS ISH!’

00:20 It broke down
01:00 Trailers: Age of Ultron
07:53 Trailers: Pan
11:30 Trailers: Chappie… then we started talking Elysium, After Earth, and District 9.
17:07 Agent of Carter… I mean Agent Carter. Everyone is broken up when an agent goes down and its felt throughout the precinct. Even in Mad Men. We don’t like the Arrow-like intro. The overacting in this show is on purpose as opposed to Jim Gordon on Gotham. Will Agent Carter find its audience? It’s definitely not a super hero show, but more of a James Bond/Dick Tracy show in Scott’s opinion. He gets lost of in the middle of the episode though, so he can’t be trusted. Who’s better, Alfred or Jarvis? When was the Silencer invented?
46:54 This week in Shows!
47:25 Ian- The Strain. They know drama… wait. It’s FX.
51:12 Scott- Broadchurch. Do not watch Gracepoint. We tangent onto Z-Nation for a minute…
54:06 Nick- Parks and Recs… We talk about Z-Nation again…
57:00 Flannel.
57:47 Vince- Vikings… and kinda Z-Nation.
01:01:25 Read this ISH: The Private Eye, by Brian K. Vaughn and Marcos Martin. Scott filibusters the hell out of this section.
01:09:10 Closing time!
01:12:36 Bob
01:12:42 John Hamm

Boomcast Episode 11

Agent Carter, S01, E01 & 02

SPOILER WARNING! We spoil the heck out of the trailers and Agent Carter, BUT don’t worry, we don’t spoil the shows in ‘This Week in Shows’ or ‘READ THIS ISH!’

02:00 Trailers- Terminator Geneysis
07:28 Trailers- Mad Max
13:25 Trailers- Antman
19:55 Gambit movie cast announcement
24:38 Agent Carter: Madmen mixed with Indiana Jones, Carmen San Diego, and James Bond. TNT knows drama. Scott keeps calling it Agent of Carter. He’s dumb.
45:30 Shout out! The people respond to Agent Carter.
48:48 This Week in Shows: Scott recommends Bob’s Burgers! Family guy and Rugrats lovechild
50:35 This Week in Shows: Ian recommends House of Cards! Political drama starring the Princess Bride
52:25 This Week in Shows: Bob recommends Spaced! A comedy about friendship and breakups
53:35 This Week in Shows: Vince recommends Blue Bloods… Not really. Scott didn’t catch the sarcasm, but we do talk some Tom Selleck.
55:25 READ THIS ISH! Ian recommends Boman! Wanna Maka manga! Buy it on Amazon:
58:00 Vince is done with Super Hero books at the moment and Scott just runs through a bunch of books for Vince to pick up.
01:01:29 Closing time!
01:06:04 Bob Barker
01:06:15 Come on, do it!
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Boomcast Episode 10

The Walking Dead, S05 Mid Season Finale

Consider this your SPOILER WARNING! We talk everything and anything that happens in the Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead. (Copy and paste the link below if you’re having issues clicking on it):

00:55 Vince is drinking
01:30 Trailer Talk Boys: Jurassic World- Starlord Dinosaur Hunter! Vince talks about Whale penises.
09:30 Trailer Talk Boys: Star Wars Episode 7- Soccerball droids, and popsicle racers!
17:45 TWD QUICk Recap on E04-07: Eugenes a pud pounder, Gabriel is an idiot, Abraham terrifies his family, not while boning down on Rosita. Carol and Daryl burn bodies on a building while trying to hide, then have the best luck in the whole world. Scott hates Tyreese. Zombies, AmIRite!?
29:15 The Walking Dead, Mid Season Finale-Gabriel does stupid stuff again and almost gets everyone killed. Scott wants Gabriel to die, everyone is getting desensitized to death, and Ian loves tainted meat cries. Nick loves Machete kills. Dawn has those crazy eyes! The Boomcast is trying to keep Scott on track with Tyreeses plan, but Scott wants everyone to die at the Hospital and hated the bald cop for no reason.
44:55 Oh, Beth… The gang reacts!
51:50 TWD FACEBOOK POLE: 90% Loved it, 10% hated it. The Boomcast read off comments and respond.
01:02:40 New Boomcast Segment: SHOUT OUT!
01:04:55 WEEK IN SHOWS: The Greatest Marriage, Futurama, Wrestling, A to Z, Constantine, Gravity Falls, Kill a Kill, Selfie
01:22:05 Shout out to Jakes butt
01:22:40 Suicide Squad Casting. Nick hates Hitch. Scott likes it.
01:26:35 READ THIS ISH: Invincible by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley. Scott really likes the way Ryan draws teeth… and more stuff.
01:30:10 Oprah… You get to be on the death squad, you get to be on the death squad, YOU GET TO BE ON THE DEATH SQUAD! Back to Invincible :) INVINCIBLE Amazon Link:
01:36:05 We continue to try and convince Vince to watch Gotham again.
01:37:00 Closing time.
01:42:37 Bob Barker
01:42:45 Whale

Boomcast Episode 9

A whole lot of Gotham!

01:10 Let’s jump into this pig!
01:25 Gotham Episode 4, Arkham- We are confused as hell as to what happened in this episode. We figured it out eventually. Selina Gomez.
06:47 Gotham Episode 5, Viper- Running with ATMs and craving milk! Old man strength and ripping apart walkers… Angel has small teeth.
15:30 Gotham Episode 6, Spirit of the Goat- A Night at the Roxbury gone wrong! Barbara does something stupid and Nick doesn’t like people sitting
21:27 Gotham Episode 7, Penguins Umbrella- This has been the best episode to date! Vince doesn’t believe us. is penguins nose more pointy? We forgot to say SPOILER ALERT and Nick is angry with you for not knowing. Mr. Zsasz is awesome! Cops can’t shoot straight, Penguin pulling strings, Maroni’s goon has a drug face, Funky town ringtones, and Barbara does something stupid.
32:38 Gotham Episode 8, the Mask- Stockbroker Battle Royale… with Cheese. Fish stabs Penguin with his stolen broach, she’s cray cray! Scott sings again while Nick realizes we forgot something cool from the previous episode. Nick might like the Penguin in the comics a little more because of this show. Scott thinks this is the only Alfred that would work for this Bruce Wayne. Tommy Elliot is a d**k. Harvey/Jim are BFFs now and Harvey is taking showers! Penguin and his mom used to run the Bates motel. Barbara does something stupid, but this time on Alcohol. Bruce beats the sh** outta Tommy and Alfred let him… Oh yeah, Black Mask was in this episode! So much going on. Flash is going streaking and even Gordon is tired of Babaras sh**. DC loves clock towers and killing Villains.
58:00 Gotham Episode 8, Harvey Dent- Harvey’s cool, but Scott thinks an overexposure to his personality might get annoying… like how he feels about Selena squatting all the damn time. Just sit down like a normal person! Alfred hates Selena too, so its not just Scott. Nick and Ian love her though. Alfred refuses to feed her because he hates her. Bruce is socially awkward and Selena thinks the mansion makes noise even though she lives on the street… the street. Alfred hates her so much he cockblocks Bruce when she wants to make out. Oh, this episode ends with Barbara doing something stupid! Who would have thought?
 1:19:45 READ THIS ISH: Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, recommended by Nick. Heres the unwrapped edition:
1:25:45 Closing notes
1:28:20 Bob and Bill


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Boomcast Episode 8

The Walking Dead, S05, E02-04


00:46 Scott jumps the gun. Intros.
01:12 Scott has still jumped the gun and has not given a spoiler warning
01:58 Zombie Bernadette
02:39 SPOILER ALERT! Finally…
03:48 Tyreese is being a bit… emotional humanitarian
05:27 Nick forgot Rick was a cop
06:33 A Priest named Gabriel was a bit too on the nose
07:24 Glenn the Scavenger fell down
10:00 Bob gets pulled under
11:00 Daryl and Carol car chase!
11:10 Bob gets happy, then sad, then knocked out, then eaten
12:20 Tyreese b****ed out and didn’t kill the guy with ball cap
14:46 Nick wanted Gabriel to die
15:57 We spoil the next episode. Oh well.
16:28 Maggy has pause with Tara’s confession
17:40 Things were just going too good for Bob
18:15 Look on the Brightside… you still have one leg


20:47 Gareth loves to monologue
21:15 TAINTED MEAT! Nick didn’t care for it, Vince & Scott liked it
22:35 Gabriel doesn’t want to take anyone to Church
24:25 What’s Terminus’ motive?
26:45 Terminus people are idiots
28:40 Rick made a promise he intends to keep
29:52 Vince’s dad doesn’t believe this show is real
30:44 We forgot to say Bob got bit earlier. Bob got bit.
32:04 Abraham leaves Rick a love letter
32:20 Which version of Rick is your favorite?
34:25 Ricks at his best when he’s the leader
35:33 Michonne gets her sword back
36:10 Who do you think is with Daryl?
37:15 4 Walls and a Roof


39:00 Vince did not like this episode. Nick & Scott were good with it.
41:50 We don’t know why the other cops listen to Dawn… Oh, wait… Scott remembers
43:20 You owe us
45:25 Scott says hard skin. He’s dumb.
45:59 Vince thinks TWD has the best character development of any show on TV… and Sopranos
48:55 Comical moment with dumping the body down the elevator shaft
49:40 Scott hates Gorman and wants him to die
51:28 Beth in headlights
52:46 BJ for an Apple
54:37 Dawn slaps the stitches of Beths face for no reason
55:35 Beth doesn’t care about a little blood on the shirt
57:45 Everybody hates Chris… or Noah
60:10 Lollipop scene made Scott so angry
 62:45 Back to the Future Reference
65:00 Gorman tries to put his hand in the cookie jar, but gets hit with it instead
67:06 Waynes World Reference, Vince’s wife wouldn’t know
69:30 Vince died
70:00 Beth falls head over heels for Noah
72:04 Lollipops
73:05 We differ on how Noah handled Beth getting captured
77:12 Who’s with Daryl?
79:45 Beth was about to go HAM until she sees Carol
83:17 READ THIS ISH: Superman Red Son-
86:50 Nick
87:12 Vince
87:20 We go on a social media tangent
91:03 Scott
91:58 Donation button! Give us a penny or more, maybe?
92:48 Bob Barker
93:02 Hellooo


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Vince: Twitter: @VinnySharp



Boomcast Episode 7

The Walking Dead S05 E01


Spoiler: We’ve been drinking
00:40 Vince went on a binger, quick recap of season 3 & 4
04:40 F*** the Governor
05:18 Woodbarry
06:13 Nick wasn’t a fan of Andrea
07:20 You love to hate the Governor
08:50 Boomcast brought to you by: Magic Hat, Budlight Lime, and a bottle of Hippy shit
10:35 We actually start talking season 5!
11:27 Eminem Penguin gets slaughtered like a pig
14:45 What’s in the bag, koonie!?
15:45 AMC has a weird line in the sand
16:20 Cussing makes things sound better
16:40 Zombie camouflage overuse= boring show
18:26 Vince misses Hershel
19:24 The dangers of a slower season 2
21:16 Vince loves TWD and Flash so much he doesn’t want to watch Gotham
22:25 Scott wanted the baseball cap guy to die
23:36 Tyreese has been shellshocked since the sisters incident
25:20 Vince is alone
27:16 Scott left himself a vague note… then he remembers
29:00 Zombie eating and making out with faces
29:30 Making more money= cut the budget
30:15 CGI talk (it’s like real talk, but CGI)
31:29 Sexying up Maggie, Glenn taking one back
32:45 Racks of Lamb… No, those were humans
34:45 Vince’s Father-in-Law doesn’t approve
35:50 Terminus took their saying too literal
37:20 Vince suggests, ‘We are what we are’
37:30 Scott recommends a movie to Vince that he can’t remember anything about including the name
40:00 Tyreese impressions
40:25 That babies a fantastic actor
41:18 Is Eugene full of shit?
42:05 Daryl and Carol don’t kiss
43:55 Nick takes the easy way out
44:25 Scott thought Daryl and Beth were gonna bone in Season 4
46:00 TWD podcast has been really fun… probably because of the booze
47:45 Thong tha thong thong thong
48:05 Rick went in beast mode
49:00 Vince didn’t know the Terminus people were cannibals
52:35 The Boomcast is helping Scott’s memory
53:35 Flashback to Terminus getting taken over
54:55 Morgan returns!
55:40 New segment on the Boomcast… READ THIS ISH: Wytches
59:10 Scott actually starts talking about the book
61:37 Closing notes
63:55 Sh** breaks down
64:50 Scott plugs Comikaze which is already over at this point
66:48 Vince is hammered
69:04 Reunited…
Scott: Twitter/IG: @scottLost,,, Bob: @NaughtyBobby, Youtube: NaughtyBobbyRamos, Nick: Vince doesn’t know @ThretLvlMidnite was an office joke, Twitter: @Thretlvlmidnit3, Instragram: ThretLvlMidnite, Youtube: Vince: Twitter: @VinnySharp


Boomcast Episode 6

 Flash, S01 E02

00:35 Spoiler warning
00:50 intros
02:00 Super Hero teamup!
02:20 Theres some mixed feelings about Caitlin
05:00 Gotham gets brought up… and 80’s montages
05:30 Jonah Hex homage?
06:46 Flash can’t take the heat
07:45 Barry is having more fun than Emo Arrow
08:08 “FLASH”back scenes
09:10 Barry’s a damn thief!
09:45 Inside SoCal wrestling baseball: True Fan
11:22 Barry’s a D***
12:50 Marvel’s Multiple man guest stars
14:28 Barry can’t fight
15:20 Barry tells Iris how he feels… but in fast forward
16:20 Barry’s stil a D***, but this time to Iris
17:10 Vince has his priorities straight
17:24 Scott doesn’t think Barry should keep his Flash suit in his work locker
17:40 Some people don’t like the Flash suit… They’re wrong
18:38 Scott and Bob thinks Flash’s dad looks like a John Romita Jr. drawing
19:25 No touching!
19:50 Barry gets clued in, but he’s still being a D***
21:15 Barry needs food!
22:15 We love calling Multiplex Multiple man
22:38 Cisco calculates with Mexican food
23:10 Time treadmill
23:30 People don’t like going Stagg
25:00 Don’t get up
25:16 Grab my good hand
25:40 Cisco is a raver
26:05 Just change your hair and face
27:45 Multiplex heard looked really good
28:14 How are they multiplying the clothes?
28:20 Caitlin turning down her inner/outer b****
30:15 Find out why Multiplex was killing… because he’s really Mr. Freeze
32:00 Tron
33:18 Is Multiplex really dead?
34:18 We all cried. We are now the b******
36:47 CW not known for good acting, except this show
37:10 Dr. Wells is a creeper
38:17 Gotham or Flash?
40:50 Closing notes
44:15 Bob
44:25 Vincent, relax…
Scott: Twitter/IG: @scottLost,,,
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Vince: Twitter: @VinnySharp





Boomcast Episode 5

 Arrow, S03 E01


00:40 Intro shtuff
01:37 Bob is overly excited about the episode
02:20 Bad guys didn’t notice a bomb went off in their backside
03:15 Oliver dies
04:05 Nick and Bob let Scott know he’s Filipino
04:30 Nick’s first note: Roy’s costume is sweet
04:46 Flirty Oliver/Felicity. Scott thinks Felicity needs a pants suit
06:07 They’re pushing too hard on the relationship according to Scott
07:10 Scott missed the “Olicity” summer break relationship, Nick guesses its been 7-9 months
08:52 “Scott Observation” for the day, Laurel is going more blonde.
0935 Nick thinks Laurel put her healthy weight back on
10:00 Batman 66 meets Arrow w/ Lance deputizing Arrow for his good deeds
11:15 New Count Vertigo is good
11:50 Count Vertigo is the Task Master
12:20 We all like the Count/Arrow fight
12:35 Scott thought Lex Luthor and Black Mask made an appearance
13:50 Were we actually seeing the fight between Ollie/Vertigo or was that Ollie’s drugged out version of the fight
14:30 Big or little Amanda Waller? We don’t care as long as she’s a good actor.
16:15 Felicity works at Best Buy
16:48 The 2nd Shift Plug
17:35 Now back to your regularly scheduled program
17:38 Former Superman Brandon Routh is now Ray Palmer
18:27 Scott is in question of Oliver’s Mentos sized bow Technology
19:50 Scott wants to know what drugs Felicity was taking. Nick is in the know!
21:00 Did Waller know Ollie was on the island the whole time?
21:22 We try to figure out the name for Circus Argus.
21:58 What’d you guys think of Olivers speech to Felicity? We debate.
24:52 Count Vertigo “Old School’d” Oliver so easily
25:50 Yukio’s tiny face
26:08 Frack
27:13 Ray Palmer, an awesome A$$hole, not as good looking in a suit
28:05 Scott has a problem with short hand text used in regular speech except when Palmer does it
28:35 Nick drops the bomb that they’re not using these actors in the Justice League movies. They’re on drugs
29:32 Diggle looks jacked
29:48 Scott thinks Roy looks like John Cena, Nick does not
30:18 Oliver gets hit by another dart
31:15 Scott wants to know if Sara is Black Canary. Her nickname translates to “Canary”
31:44 Diggle becomes daddle
31:58 That was a big @$$ baby
32:25 Flash tie in!
32:49 Oh Sh** the ending… Scott jumps the gun with the ending
32:53 Felicity didn’t want to have the talk, they made out, she ended it, and Scott was confused
34:49 Oh Sh** the ending!
36:19 6 thumbs up
40:05 Nick recommends Stephen Amell on Guy on Girl podcast!
36:58 Plug
37:39 Bob: twitter- @NaughtyBobby, Youtube
38:13 Nick doesn’t know his instagram name is @Thretlvlmidnite, but he does know his twitter name is @ItsNickJK
38:37 Scott:, Twitter/IG: @Scottlost,,,
40:05 I don’t know

Boomcast Episode 4

Gotham, S01 E03

In the 4th episode of the Boomcast we talk more GOTHAM! This time it’s episode 3. We spoil the entire episode so don’t even think about listening until you’ve watched… or if you don’t care about spoilers. That’s ok too… On to the show!
00:27  Drinking
03:29 Vince doesn’t know where we’re at
04:15 We actually start talking about Gotham
04:40 Vince thinks Gotham plateaued from the first 2 episodes
05:40 Vince still hates Barb
06:55 Alfred and Bruce, real talk
08:10 Not Professor Pygg
09:15 Nick hasn’t seen UP
10:25 Lt. Cranston is Flass from year one basically
11:35 Ben McKenzie still thinks he’s playing Batman from Year One
12:00 Penguin kills people for their shoes and pays people with hundreds. Overall inconsiderate 
13:38 Scott has a problem with the size 9s. Bob wants to talk feet… I mean shoes.
14:50 Penguin now has the magic shoes
14:57 Angel from Dexter is a sweet heart
15:55 Bob thinks we changed over to a Dexter podcast Episode
16:57 Fish hates P******
18:25 McKenzie toning it down for Scott
19:20 Montoya doesn’t do doorbells
21:05 Acting is better but dialogue is bad
22:57 Gotham loves 80′s montages!
23:47 Perfect Strangers
24:45 The writer of Gotham forgot how to write after writing Rome
25:35 The Balloon man is the Shadow
26:05 Harvey punches women
26:49 Balloon man is the first vigilante character. Bad first choice?
28:20 Vince just wants to shoot people
28:40 Vince’s dad segment
29:15 Penguin knocking on Jim’s door
29:44 Scott gets the Tywyn Lanister vibe from Falcone. No one agrees
31:40 Vince questions Gotham’s direction
32:40 Nick loves the Penguin
33:35 Scott likes the balance
33:53 Bob thinks they need to push forward to avoid getting canceled by Fox
34:39 Scott thinks they won’t cancel Gotham because its a comic book show
35:04 Bob yawns on the large screen
35:40 Nick thinks they should focus more on the Wayne’s murder
36:20 Vince thinks its a problem we know who kills the Wayne family
36:54 Scott thinks they’ll focus more on created characters for this show, much like they’re doing with walking dead
37:33 Scott screws up Law of the Land
38:40 They haven’t teased anymore Joker… Good
39:05 No Riddler, no problem!
39:55 Game of Thrones comparison. Possible upcoming podcast
41:10 Closing notes
41:26 Green Arrow
41:38 Scott: Twitter/IG: @scottLost,,,
42:50 Bob: @NaughtyBobby, Youtube: NaughtyBobbyRamos, 
43:25 Nick: Vince doesn’t know @ThretLvlMidnite was an office joke, Twitter: @ItsNickJK, Instragram: ThretLvlMidnite, Youtube: 
44:45 Vince: Twitter: @VinnySharp
46:32 Oh mah Gawwd

Boomcast Episode 03

Flash S01E01

00:44 Here. We. Go.
01:00 Intros
01:35 Vince is f***ing tired
02:58 Vince wants to know if we’re getting a Spiderman feel? Scott thinks its a KICK-ASS intro!
03:58 Bob thinks Barry’s a bumbling boob
04:26 Spoiler ALERT! Vince is a little late. We all loose it
05:25 Scott is getting a Sherlock vibe when Barry is at work
06:00 Flash/Gotham comparison
06:54 We admit we don’t read Flash and we’re clueless
08:37 Revenge of the S***
08:55 Flash, Sunshine and lollypops  
09:45 Bob brings up feet
10:36 Origin story conflicting in Flashpoint, here, and the comics? We have no clue
11:11 Nick likes all the special effects… except when Flash runs
12:52 Magic Legs
13:25 Barry drew a tit according to Scott
14:20 Shout out to Ian and his cat
15:03 Barry, Mayor of the Friendzone
15:39 Friends gets brought up again; Not by Scott this time. Scott thinks Seinfeld has the worst ending, but Vince counters with Dawson’s Creek. We all hated Felecity’s haircut.
16:57 Nick wonders if we really liked Flash as much as we think we did. Gotham/Flash comparison happens again.
18:26 Vince wonders if we’re making excuses for Gotham
20:00 Fatman on Batman originates the premise for the Gotham TV show?
21:15 Thawne is Reverse Flash? Or is Dr. Wells? We have no idea.
22:22 Scott wants to see Barry’s pain
23:20 Nick does some Wikipedia detective work
23:39 Iris casting
24:40 Nick doesn’t like Cisco. Can you say it again?
25:28 Scott thinks the score sounds like Mr. Freeze’s B:TAS theme music
26:00 We seemed to like everything except Flash’s running
26:57 Barry wakes up to find out his primary physician is JD’s brother from Scrubs
27:35 Scott thinks Barry’s origin which originated in Arrow didn’t match up with this issue. Nick says he’s wrong
29:47 Grodd 
30:14 Pancakes is ready!
30:20 Caitlin is LOADED with problems
31:25 Scott noticed the sketch artists photo was exactly the same as the mugshot
32:00 Scott is convinced Joe looks like The Rocks uncle. Everything disagrees.
32:30 Joe West knows Barry is the Flash right away, which is a nice change of pace
33:15 Vince likes the prison scenes with Barry and his father
33:54 Redneck Weather Wizard, Hillbilly sheik 
34:40 Everyone forgets how the fight scene with the Weather Wizard ends
35:14 Attention: We are idiots
35:23 Vince drops Flash google knowledge on us. We’re still confused about a lot
36:09 Did Weather Wizards brother survive the plane crash?
37:15 Will this show turn us into Flash fans?
38:00 Scott can never remember Captain Cold’s name even though he’s gaining in popularity
39:09 Bob, you awake?
40:00 Vince wants to know about The 2nd Shift and where people can get it
41:40 Vince wants to know about Nick’s Sneaker reviews on YouTube
42:20 Vince wants to know about Bob’s voiceover acting
43:29 You like Kaiju? Hit up Vince! 
44:03 Dr. Wells has the magic legs now
44:20 Vince talks about his dad. Best segment of the show starts.
45:20 Vince’s wife has pregnant brain. He now has magic shoes.
46:08 Podclast… that’s not a typo


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Boomcast Episode 02

Gotham S01E02

Show Notes

00:05- Fish Don’t fry in the Kitchen
TV Show Theme song sample: The Jefferson’s
00:27- SPOILER WARNING! We’re spoiling this mofo
00:47- Say hi to the gang!
01:35- Dickhead Alfred getting a little Molesty? Scott thinks so, no one else agrees. “3 to 1, not molesty.”
03:30- Bob says this is a step up from the Pilot, but he doesn’t know sayings
04:17- Still not molesting
05:20- Gordon is still doing his Christian Bale Batman voice
05:40- Vince’s Wiki habits need to stop giving Scott false information
06:20- Gordon battles against Hi-Def and makeup. Only Scott sees it. He’s insane & trapped in the past
07:25- Show flowed better says Nick
08:00- Fro from Austin Powers says “Anything”
08:30- Scott saw GCPD ceiling and was happy!
09:08- Vince wonders if new viewers are into Gotham as much as people who know backstories on characters
09:50- Arrow TV Show has brought interest to the comics. I did not work w/ Smallville
10:50- Penguin waddles into a car and penetrates young man. It was really graphic.
13:00- Vince hates Barb.
13:10- Nick & Bob disagree about love interest storyline intensions
14:20- Scott like the commissioner playing things straight
14:53- Last Action Hero talk makes its way into the podcast
15:37- Go-Go drummer was a man. Scott sees cross dressing and molesting everywhere.
16:00- Bullock too much of a good guy?
17:00- Batman: The Animated Series influence is wide
17:20- Alfred talk
18:27- Riddler calming it down from the Pilot
19:00-Falcone, from the wire captain to Mob Boss
19:50-What has Jada Pickett-Smith been in? So unmemorable in everything but this… Channeling Eartha Kitt. Fish is Vince’s favorite character. Wait. Boomerang. Scared stupid?
20:38- Penguins mom’s got it going on… as an actress
23:30- Batman: The Animated Series still influencing
23:46- “Moving along” needs to stop
23:52- Dollmaker revealed
26:00-Vince wants to know where the fuck Ian has been
26:20- Danny DeVito & Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s love child
27:20- Scott is seeing and hearing things
28:00- Ben McKenzie loves Batman: Year One. We don’t completely bury him.
29:50- Michele Pfeiffer’s daughter finally talks!
30:20- Bruce Wayne, Greatest actor not in Juice or Boomerang
32:00- Selina Kyle threatens Molestation. Scott didn’t see it.
33:30-Penguin kidnaps a little scamp
36:24- Professor Pygg?
37:20- Scott talks nonsense about his fan fiction origin
38:05- Gotham E02 get our thumbs up!
38:25- I’m Ron Burgundy?
38:34- Arrow or Flash next?
39:34- American Balloon man next episode. He loves kinko machines! Vince tells us something crazy… again.
40:20- Find us online
43:20- Parenthood podcast talk and rug selling
44:00-We’re just hanging out and won’t leave
44:42- Bob Barker
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BoomCast EPISODE 1-

Gotham, S01 E01

SPOILER ALERT! We’re going to talk about all the things that happen in the first episode of the TV show GOTHAM. We’re also going to talk about things that have nothing to do with Gotham Episode 1, like S.H.I.E.L.D and Friends. Still here? Good! Come join Vince, Scott, Nick, Bob, and Ian in the very first episode of the BoomCast!

Show Notes

00:07- Music Sample: R. Kelly- Gotham City
00:30- Intros
00:58- Here. We. Go.
3:00- Vince wonders if Alfred is now Australian… and a dick?
3:58- Where are they now: Mustaches. 5 out of 5 podcasters agree
4:27- Sets
6:18- Flip Phones, the latest in gotham technology
8:10- Origin/name changes are happening and we don’t know why
9:47- Comic and TV/Movie origins
11:05- Who doesn’t love Fish?
11:50- Danny DeVito, grabbing breasts and doing taxes
14:56- Ben McKenzie doing his best Batman impression
16:50- 80′s Montage!
19:20- Scott mentions Friends and everything gets derailed.
21:17- The best Catwoman in the World according to Nick, Halle Berry
21:30- Daredevil, Bob’s friend Chris and Scott’s old tag partner Joey love the directors cut. It has Coolio and fight scenes on seesaws.
23:10- Back to our regularly scheduled program… Gotham
24:20- Joker origin… Do we want that in our lives?
28:30- Barbara/Montoya lesbians for each other? Scissors gets mentioned… Twice… we’re sorry
32:00- Marvels agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D
33:25- Next on Gotham, Selena still being a creeper in Billy Madison 2.
35:32- Nick doesn’t know his Instagram name is @Thretlvlmidnite
36:35- We found out Vince sells rugs online… It’s a thing!
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