From the Teacher’s Desk

This little corner of our site will be my chance to speak my mind and share my thoughts. It is appropriately enough entitled … “From The Teacher’s Desk“   as  I am a real life, living, breathing  teacher. I am hoping to get a dialogue of sorts going with people who are either in or aspire to be in the comic industry as well as hear from fans. Yes fans, you are the cornerstone to the success of any book regardless of what the big muckers would have you think. Word of mouth, currently labeled “social media”, seems to be the best way to garner attention for creative projects. Be assured that we are turned on and tuned in and can be reached and

Finally…2nd Shift is up and running. I am glad to be an integral part of this project (see cracking the whip and offering forth ice cold beers and snacks as positive incentives) and work with my man Scott Lost. Hmmm…check that out, his name is even on the website address. Imagine that.Hopefully as our book gets closer to seeing the light of day, we can have a real interaction with people. Q and  A, comments, concerns, trivial nonsense. It should be good and I’m looking forward to it.