The two bonded over Bruce Lee and many other common interests including their love of and desire to create a story-driven book with relate-able characters and beautiful artwork…thus was born 2nd Shift.


Comic & TV News
09:05 Legion and Hellfire Club TV shows announced, the guys talk other X-Titles we’d like to see as shows instead
12:55 Avengers comic talk, Deadpool and Miles Morales
15:14 FF/Fox/MCU Rumor, X-Movies and will Fox will never give FF back to MCU?
19:20 Mark Ruffalo in Thor 3
19:35 Avengers: AOU a stinker?
22:15 Flash movie costume tech-based, Arrow-verse talk
25:08 Greg Capullo taking a break from Batman
The Walking Dead
26:39 A movie-like episode to start off the season that everyone loved! Mark from Empire Records was a great character to kill off, now the crew is waiting for Nickolas to die. Nick doesn’t like Deanna. He’s right. She’s awful. Gabriel is gonna die in a big way. The differences between the show and the comics, they’re their own thing. Daryll is a sympathetic redneck.
46:24 Brief Intermission: Michael Pena narrates Ant-Man trailer!
48:05 Back to our regularly scheduled program. Eugene is the worst gatekeeper ever. Heath looks very close to Michone and its creepy. Who is holding down the horn? Insights from the Talking Dead.