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Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2014 & T2S!

Hello All, Just so you guys know, Eburonson and myself will be in Artist Alley for Stan Lee’s Comikaze! Come say hello, chat it up, and pick up some art, prints, and comics! At the moment I’m unclear as to our booth number, but as soon as I find out go to ANY of my [...]

Boomcast Ep2, Gotham S01E02

Boomcast Episode 02 Gotham S01E02 http://SLCBoomcast.podbean.com/e/slc-boomcast-episode-2-gotham-s01e02/ Show Notes 00:05- Fish Don’t fry in the Kitchen TV Show Theme song sample: The Jefferson’s 00:27- SPOILER WARNING! We’re spoiling this mofo 00:47- Say hi to the gang! 01:35- Dickhead Alfred getting a little Molesty? Scott thinks so, no one else agrees. “3 to 1, not molesty.” 03:30- [...]

Buy The 2nd Shift #4 NOW!!!

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