• Batman Riddler Costumes

    A Complete Look at Batman Riddler Costumes Leaks in Yescosplay

    As we know, batman is also called the caped crusader, the world’s greatest detective, or simply the dark knight. He always wears his batsuit which is become an icon of his character, and it helps to intimidate villains and conceal his identity. A different version of batman is available, and if you select the dark knight version of batman, then you can become the world’s greatest detective, and it is the classic comic book of batman. For the dark knight, he is wearing a full-body pantsuit with black paintball armor and all-black suits. On the other hand, the world’s greatest detective is wearing a blue-gray or neutral full-body pantsuit. Before…

  • Your Child's Spiderman Black Suit

    A Guide For Making Your Child’s Spiderman Black Suit Truly Special

    A fun Spiderman Halloween costume is a black and red Spidey suit. The suit has the traditional Spidey webbing on the back and legs and a classic black mask. It’s easy to find online retailers that offer discounts on Halloween costumes. It’s especially fun because Spiderman has so many different styles and coloring. The black and red look especially is a great one for both boys and girls. Spider-man Kids Costume Spiderman 3 Eddie Brock Venom Cosplay Suits One of the nice things about purchasing this type of costume online is that you have more freedom than you would get in a retail store. Here, you can try out a…

  • joker coplay costumes for Halloween

    Where to buy the best joker coplay costumes for Halloween?

    Most of the people desired hobby was watching movies and they are crazy on superheroes and villains. Although, there are several superheroes and villains have a great popularity among the people, but some characters great acting and attitude attracts many people. It’s suited for villain roles too, the best example to make this fact true is joker’s character in batman series. Although, it is a villain role and people are highly attracted to him which made them choose the joker costume for Halloween cosplay. If you are also one of the big fans of joker and searching for best joker cosplay costumes, then you may feel difficulties in finding the…

  • The Simplest Guidance For Spiderman Cosplay Costume

    The Simplest Guidance For Spiderman Cosplay Costume

    Spider man is a kid’s super hero in the creation from Marvel studios. Every Spiderman series are block buster hit in Hollywood and he has the supernatural power that helps to stop crime, robbery and kill. Spiderman is one of those enduring classic superheroes, which appeal to young and old alike. Spiderman always appeared the situation of critical and he saves the people with his super power. Spiderman style is mostly liked by children’s due to the way of savings people life. One of the most interesting things is Spiderman’s costume that highly impressed by them. Spiderman costume is one of the most selling outfits that never out of date.…

  • thor costumes

    Where to Find the Best Thor Cosplay Costumes?

    Whenever people think about their childhood memories, the first thing hit to their memory is fame superheroes and villains. It is mainly because most of the people childhood would be filled with numerous counts of comics, adventure actions and many other action characters. This habit of being crazy on superheroes is still prevails even in present days. Although there are several superheroes and villains are available among all certain characters remains to be the most favorite one for people. One among such famous character is Thor which is again a marvel creation. The Thor character is a best action adventure who attracted plenty numbers of fans to them. On the…

  • Which dc superhero should you dress up as

    Which dc superhero should you dress up as?

    Many people are willing to wear the costumes of superheroes at the time of Halloween and Halloween is a best occasion to hook up themselves like their favorite superheroes. There are plenty of superheroes presented and it provides us several options to choose their superhero among them. Some people would feel crazy in having superman costume, batman costume where in recent trends Avengers costume became more viral among people. In common there are some thoughts that only superheroes costumes are available for men and not for girls or adults. But in real even girls and adults have plenty of options in having superheroes costumes similar to men. In most of…

  • Marvel cosplay costumes

    Where can I find the Marvel Superhero cosplay costumes, like Captain America/Marvel or Spider-Man?

      Cosplay costumes are very much important for the cosplayers as well as the participants of cosplay festive like Halloween. Cosplay is the familiar term which is known by everyone as the short term of costume play. Wearing the best cosplay costume is very important such that you are not going to ruin your day. The most vital thing out of the cosplay is you should definitely match the cosplay character. Mostly, the characters are chosen from anime, web series and video games especially cosplaying marvel characters like Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man have become viral among everyone. You may be wondering where to find the best marvel cosplay…

  • black canary costumee

    Here goes the sexy Blondie, she is the one and only Black Canary!

    Here goes the sexy Blondie, she is the one and only Black Canary! Black Canary is a fictional superheroine in comic books published by DC Comics. One of DC’s earliest super-heroines, Black Canary has appeared in many of the company’s flagship team-up titles including Justice Society of America and Justice League of America. At her Golden Age debut, Black Canary was the alter ego of Dinah Drake and participated in crime-fighting adventures with her love interest. Although depictions of Black Canary have varied over the years, she is often portrayed as a prodigious hand-to-hand combatant with Boxing, Judo, Shuri-Te, and Wing Chun is the most notable of her style. Having…

  • News

    Post Wondercon 2019 Random thoughts…

    Another WonderCon has come and gone! It was successful for sure and we were glad to see returning fans of the 2nd Shift, as well as my artwork. We were in artist alley set up next to some talented artists and actually split the booth with our Buddy, Keith Foster, from Kodoja to help with table costs. Table cost is always a concern at this stage in the game as we’re relatively new to the scene. Are we going to make enough to pay for the booth, gas, parking, food, and then actually make enough money to get paid something? Table splitting definitely helps. I came into the convention feeling relaxed with no…

  • News

    Stan Lee’s Comikaze & T2S!

    Hello All, Just so you guys know, Eburonson and myself will be in Artist Alley for Stan Lee’s Comikaze! Come say hello, chat it up, and pick up some art, prints, and comics! At the moment I’m unclear as to our booth number, but as soon as I find out go to ANY of my social media sites and it’ll be on my main pic. I finally broke down and got a banner made, so look out for the cover of the 2nd Shift giant size!! I’m pretty excited to see it  Here’s the info: October 31-November 2nd Los Angeles Convention Center 1201 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90015 Want…